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SQUIK The Sentence Edition - Fun & Fast Paced Educational Sentence Game for Kids

SQUIK The Sentence Edition - Fun & Fast Paced Educational Sentence Game for Kids

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SQUIK, The Sentence Edition, is all about forming sentences with your word tiles that meet the criteria on the Goal Card. Be the first player to do this and the Goal Card is yours! The first one to get five-goal cards SQUIK-EST wins!

FUN AND FAST-PACED SENTENCE GAME Use your skill and speed to form sentences with your tiles that are equal to the Goal Card! Arrange, rearrange, calculate, swap and steal in your quest to be the first to win 5 Goal Cards!

LEARN THROUGH PLAY This educational brain game helps children master sentences in a fun and engaging manner.

WORD TILES The box contains 270-word tiles. Each player is given seven tiles at the start of the game which they use to make sentences as per the goal card. At the start of every turn swap a word for a new word from the bag which can help you win the round!

GOAL CARDS The box contains 34 goal cards that state the criteria that need to be fulfilled by the players. The player that makes a sentence which fulfils the criteria earns the Goal Card. The player to earn five-goal cards wins the game!

ACTION CARDS The box contains 20 action cards. Each player is given 3 action cards at the start of the game. On your turn, you can put an action card in the centre and Level Up, Swap, Trade or Deny.

SET UP Each Player starts with 3 Action Cards and blindly picks 7 tiles from the bag. All players can see each other's word tiles. However, Action Cards are a secret. On Your Turn - Swap one of your seven-word tiles (given to you at the beginning of the game) in order to get one that helps you to make a word as per the goal card OR use one of the three action cards given to you at the start of the game. The first person to meet the criteria on the goal card shouts out SQUIK and earns the Goal Card. The one to earn five Goal Cards wins the game!

Ages: 6-99 Years

What's Inside!

  • 270 Word Tiles
  • 34 Goal Cards
  • 20 Action Cards
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • Instruction Manual
Skills Gained
  • Strategizing
  • Focus & Attention
  • Creative Thinking
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Social & Communication
  • Decision Making
Learning Outcomes
  • Structuring Sentences
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Nouns
  • Verbs & Adjectives
  • Spellings
  • Tenses & Plurals
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