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Sleepy Sudays

Sleepy Sundays 100% Reusable Instant Blackout Blinds - Baby and Kids

Sleepy Sundays 100% Reusable Instant Blackout Blinds - Baby and Kids

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The perfect 100% Instant Blackout Blinds to assist your newborn and toddler or shift worker to sleep in complete darkness at home or while on holiday. Bring your room from day to night within seconds.

Say nighty, night at anytime of day

These blackout blinds are perfect for new parents and babies, globetrotting nomads, shift workers and pretty much anyone in need of a little more sleep.

Babies truly sleep best when a room is really dark. I know that some families worry their baby may be afraid of the dark, but I want to reassure you that these fears typically don't develop until age two or older. 

How to put up your Sleepy Sunday 

Step one

Remove your blackout blinds roll from the packaging and gently tear or cut along the perforation line.

Step two

Fit to your windows, great or small. Cut to size for smaller windows or for bigger surfaces overlap sheets to create complete darkness.

Step three 

Apply the sheets to clean windows, free from dust and little ones fingerprints. No adhesives required. Now rest easy in your newly created, sleep sanctuary.

Forget Sticky Tape, Blue Tack or Pins.

These sheets leave no residue, mess or trace behind. They are perfect for travellers, holidaymakers, rental homes or those who hate mess!  

It was that simple. This patent-protected technology places a static charge on each blackout sheet. Allowing it to cling to any clean window surface. No mess or residue to clean up, just roll and go. They will stay on your window. 

What’s in the Bag?

Each roll contains 25 sheets (600mm x 800mm) of statically charged reusable blackout window blinds material. Generally enough to cover 12 standard double-sized windows. 

Each sheet is completely customizable.

To any window, no matter the obscure shape or size. Each sheet can be cut to fit the exact dimensions of your windows or overlapped to cover larger surfaces with ease.

Going away? 

This is no problem at all. Simply pull out your roll and use the static, traffic to the windows so that have complete 100% Blackout darkness for your baby or toddler or the shift worker in your family. 

Each set of blackout sheets includes a handy travel bag. No matter if you’re going for just one night or roaming the world for months on end. You can bring your best night's sleep with you. 

Holiday Reference 

" I use these Blackout static adhesives when we go to a friends unit on the Gold Coast. Their curtains are short and the sun floods in underneath. I love that I can roll back up for the next visit" Leisa says

Baby or Toddler Room Reference 


"Easy to install and works amazing. The roll was big enough to do the window in the nursery, the window at nanas place and have heaps left over for our next holiday (plus so easy to take off and reinstall the ones I’ve already used if I need to). Wish id bought them months ago!" Ellie R says 


Awesome easy solution for blacking out bubs room! Saves us having to rush to get new blinds and can be taken/moved around if we need and we could make it fit our super large windows without cutting it messing around! Highly recommend :) Shannon L. says. 

Shift Worker Reference 


"They are just what we needed for my shift working husband. Our room went for dark to pitch black and we love it." Corry Lynn says


"No words needed. Incredible" Jess McCormick says

Love them

"I was a bit reluctant to buy them because well I think they are a bit expensive but I thought about giving them a go as what I had wasn’t working and omg! I loved them the room is so dark! And it was so easy to put on so I’m very happy with my purchase" Eilyn G says

Made from 100% recyclable material, is our way of helping the environment. 

So not only are they clever, but they’re kind to the environment too.


FAQ’s for our customers 

1. Please make sure the entire surface of the window is covered (no gaps) so that the temperature remains stable across the entire surface. 
2. Check for any little chips, or hairline cracks at the window edge before installing - sometimes if the window is already damaged, then the added layer can cause stress on the glass. 
3. It is advised against using on double or triple glazed windows (as they are slightly more susceptible to thermal damage due the way the middle panel is structured)
4. Remove after each nap and store flat on a wall until next needed - it allows the windows to breathe a little. If the windows are in full shade, then keeping them up might be ok, but with extreme summers with full sun all day, it is advised to remove them to ensure the glass can expand & contract with heat. 
5. Blackout blinds are made in Germany using eco practices & is made from an eco- friendly poly that has been CE safety certified for use, therefore won't omit any dangerous fumes as it's not made from PVC like some others made in China. 

Quality Assurance: So proud that Little Kids Business has never, ever received a returned item. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this blind makes my life so much easier

Absolutely love this stick-on blind, it makes life so much easier for my baby and we can actually get some sleep!


Amazing product


The product is great and the customer service was fantastic.

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