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Lumina bed frame suite kids car wooden bed

Lumina bed frame suite kids car wooden bed

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Lumina is a bedroom furniture suite that incorporates bed frame, nightstand and cabinet with desktop in one. It achieves aesthetics, versatile functionality and sustainability all at the same time, and it provides ample space for rest, activity and storage.  This great wooden car bed frame can be used as one piece, or as individual furniture spread throughout your room.

  • Chic, playful - understated
  • Hassle free assembly
  • Care for planet and you

Product dimensions: W146× D230× H115cm
Load Bearing capacity: 250kg
This product comes in 4 packages:
Package A
Dimensions: L204× W50× H6cm, Weight: 24.6kg
Package B
Dimensions: L116× W74× H19cm, Weight: 18.3kg
Package G
Dimensions: L83× W42× H14cm, Weight: 16.1kg
Package W
Dimensions: L68× W68× H15cm, Weight: 24.5kg"

Feel good for your choice

There are so many reasons to embrace sustainability:

  • Healthier living*
  • Less waste and emission#
  • Ethical production^

Importantly, it's actually cheaper to buy furniture that lasts because you aren't paying for the same cheap furniture every second year.

Sustainability is not a label, it is a pledge of our design ethos and our actions:

  • Made 100% from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified birch ply;
  • Less than 8% production waste that is recycled;
  • Multiple applications from customizable configuration with modular design;
  • Repurposing instead of recycling by selecting durable hardwood with 25 years lifespan;**
  • Fully recyclable packaging.

*Made with birch ply compliant with most stringent formaldehyde standard - ENF grade, finished with food grade wood wax oil compliant with EN 71-3:2019+A1:2021.
#Longer service life and less production waste mean reduced landfill and therefore greenhouse emission
^Manufactured by family run business with more than 20 years experience, compliant with BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).
**Organizations like Men's Shed, Among the Trees, schools and universities collect plywood for their woodworking projects. Because Lumina is made of single material, in the event of recycling, it can be readily turned into mulch or compost for landscaping purposes, animal bedding and many other ways.


Regular Care (Weekly)
Dust surface with a dry cloth or duster in the direction of the natural grain.
Protect from direct sunlight.
Treat spills as soon as possible, wipe down with clean dry cloth.
Do not use abrasive cloths, concentrated detergents, silicon based wood polishes.

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