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Skillmatics Australia

Animal Kingdom - Kids Learn About Over 75 Amazing Animals

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Animal Kingdom - Kids Learn About Over 75 Amazing Animals. The world of animals is enormously interesting for all young learners. No other topic arouses the same level of excitement and curiosity - Which animals are awake at night? What do animals eat? Where do they live? What are their babies called? What sounds do they make? - The list is endless! We answer all these and a whole lot more with Skillmatics Animal Kingdom. The fun learning activities will ensure your child learns about over 75 amazing animals! Childs Ages: 3-6 Years What's Inside!
  • 15 Repeatable Activities
  • 6 Double-Sided Activity Mats
  • 2 Skilly Billy Pens
  • 1 Duster Cloth
  • 1 Welcome Letter
  • 1 Achievement Certificate
Skills Gained
  • Focus and Attention
  • Creative Thinking
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Spatial Reasonin
Learning Outcomes
  • 75+ Animals and Birds
  • Animal Categories
  • Habitat and Young Ones
  • Herbivores and Carnivores
  • Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals
  • Produce from a farm
  • Animal Sounds and Footprints