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About Us

Hello! My name is Wai and I am a Melbournian mother of 2 lovely young boys (my source of inspiration), who's keen on providing a marketplace empowering parents with trusted products that nurture, educate and simplify busy lives.

Choose from a wide range of much-loved Aussie quality brands including some great award-winning ones: kids learning toys, furniture, books, baby items, clothes & more.  Little Kids Business - Australia’s specialty baby and kids goods store curated with purpose - saving you time to nurture your kids wellbeing and be able to cherish motherhood.  We are with you every step of the way, giving your child a head start to develop, grow and thrive!

With a focus on more eco-friendly and sustainable products, Little Kids Business products dispatch directly from our local and international suppliers, directly to your door, our Australia based team are here to help. We have spent years forming trusted relationships and sourcing high quality products and brands young families love.

Little Kids Business Online Marketplace and parent community - the perfect place amongst busy lives to shop safely online and conveniently within Australia. 

From one parent to another to support our little loved children, I invite you to browse through our online marketplace and News and Resources for the parent community. 

With love from one dedicated mother/parent to another.