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My Top 5 tips for caring for kids when you are unwell

We’ve all been there, you have a child or children to care for however the last things that you feel like doing today is being a parent.

Children also seem to have an inherent skill of knowing exactly when you are unwell or even asleep and popping up to say hello look at me

If you need time out to have a lie-down, it may be fraught with the fear that you can not  trust your toddler or child to draw on the walls or empty flour all over the kitchen floor in an effort to bake something for you.

What do you do when all you want to do is lay in bed, watching Netflix and snoozing?  We’re here to help you to get through the worst of it.

1. Ask for help 

It may seem incredibly obvious however I for one know that I may be the worst at asking for assistance. I am often heard saying to friends, there is no-one going to be there with a medal if you suffer through everything alone however not always taking my own advice.  If you are fortunate to have help, and you feel that you will not place the other personas health in danger, ask for it.

Whether it is your husband, partner, loving Mum or a  Mother in law, help may only be a phone call away.

2. Have a short burst of being super-mum

I think it’s best to break your day down into tiny bites of time. Beyond urgent matters like nappy changes and putting on Peppa Pig aim to get through the day in bursts of being active Mum between laying on the couch.

Your day may present differently depending on the age of your child or number of children however the first half of the day might look something like this.

Nappy Nappy / Toilet Put on TV / Mummy Rest
Feed Breakfast Make Breakfast
Baby Nap / Mummy lie down Mummy Rest while they play Mummy Rest while they play
Nappy Snack / Mummy Lie Down Morning Tea
Feed Mummy Rest while they play Mummy Rest while they play
Baby Nap / Mummy lie down Lunch / Nappy / Toilet Lunch
Nappy Toddler Midday Nap / Mummy Sleep Mummy Rest while they play
Feed Nappy / Toilet Afternoon Tea
Baby Nap / Mummy lie down Play / Afternoon Tea

Note: the above is an example only and your personal circumstances will affect the outcome

3. Choose safe play

Painting is fun, however, we all know that it is going to create 20 minutes of fun and another 20 minutes of cleaning up so today is not the day for messy play. Today is the day for safe play. Building blocks

4. Leave the mess

Kids love to eat and they love to make a mess, however, today is not the day that you are going to be cleaning up flicked food. Uh, uh you are going to leave all of the mess for your partner/ husband or for yourself tomorrow when you are feeling better.

I know that there have been times when I have certainly done all of the above, it’s certainly a lot harder being a sick Mum than a sick person without the responsibilities of bringing up a child or children. At the end of the day, everyone knows that you are only human so it’s OK to take your supermum cape of while you recover.

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