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Cottontail Modern Cloth Nappy - TRIO PACK of Balmy Palm

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It is reported that you can reduce nappy rash for your baby with a TRIO PACK of Cottontail Reusable Modern Cloth Nappy, ONLY for $65.00 Not only do cloth nappies come in a variety of cute and funky colour and designs, did you know that Cloth nappies reduce exposure to over 50 chemicals used in the manufacturing of disposable nappies. Modern cloth nappies come in a range of styles but they are basically the same shape as a normal disposable nappy with a press stud-closing top. No safety pins needed! They can be ‘sized’ newborn through to toddler as OSFM. Once a washing routine is established, they are easy to care for. Breastfed baby’s poo washes right off in the washing machine, and once a baby is on solids you can flick poo’s off into the toilet, use a sprayer or use disposable liners. Disposable Nappies can take 200-300 years to decompose in landfill, with the average baby contributing 700kg of used nappies to landfill so when you make the choice to go cloth nappies, you are doing what is best for our planet.

Reusable Cloth Nappies will cost your family less money

Consider this : Newborn babies use about 5-8 nappies a day, meaning a pack of disposable nappies will only last you a week. On average you will spend about $25 per week on disposables, this means that in one year you will be spending almost $1300 on nappies! As the average child toilet trains between 2-3 years old, this means $2600-$3900 will be be spent only on Disposable Nappies. We suggest that you have on hand 15-20 Reusable cloth nappies. This will account for what is being used and also what is in the wash.


Simply adjust the press studs on the nappy as your baby grows.

OUTER Nappy is made of polyester with 100% waterproof PUL, so no need for additional covers! INNER Nappy is 100% white cotton microfibre fleece and is soft against babies skin. It provides great ventilation. The EASY TO USE POCKET DESIGN means the insert sits inside the pocket, allowing for speedy drying. EACH NAPPY COMES WITH 1 INSERT (3 layers of microfibre & 2 layers of bamboo fleece). They are fast drying and highly absorbent. There is even room to add an extra insert to boost nighttime absorbency (Bamboo Charcoal Night Time Booster)