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Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pcs – Soldier

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Children will be intrigued by this beautiful Russian Nesting Dolls 5 Pcs – Soldier also known as a  Matryoshka Doll or Babushka Doll. The meaning of nesting dolls that one commonly hears of is maternal in nature. The outer doll is considered the mother from whom the smaller dolls spring-like children.

This 5 piece Soldier classic nesting doll is hand-painted and a unique gift for all children aged from 4 years.

Our babushka doll is a great décor piece and is made from sturdy wood perfect for long-lasting play.

Children love finding the dolls inside, lining them up, playing families, hiding treasures inside and reassembling them.

The largest nesting doll measures 14cm in height.

Great value for money, the Russian nesting doll is a timeless toy that will outlast your child as they grow and can be passed down to other children.