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Cottontail Nappy Service

Cottontail Modern Cloth Nappy - Grey

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Modern Cloth Nappy - OS One Size "GREY" print with adjustable clips to fit 5kg to 18kgs

Includes a FREE a 5 layer Bamboo/Cotton Insert.

All of our nappies are a ONE SIZE FITS MOST design. Adjustable sizing means you only need to buy one size nappy!

Simply adjust the press studs on the nappy as your baby grows.

OUTER Nappy is made of polyester with 100% waterproof PUL, so no need for additional covers!

INNER Nappy is 100% white cotton microfibre fleece and is soft against babies skin. It provides great ventilation.

The EASY TO USE POCKET DESIGN means the insert sits inside the pocket, allowing for speedy drying

(as the nappy has 2 parts) and less irritation for your babies skin.

EACH NAPPY COMES WITH 1 INSERT - 3 layers of microfibre & 2 layers of bamboo fleece. 

They are fast drying and highly absorbent. 

There is even room to add an extra insert to a boost night time insert for extra absorbency.

“Buying cloth nappies instead of disposables can save up to $1,200 per year and prevent up to one ton of landfill waste.”