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Author - Leisa Papa

Daniel and the Dummy Fairy Book

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The children's picture book Daniel And The Dummy Fairy Book – Free Shipping, may help your child to ditch their dummy with less stress.

As the Mother of 2 dummy suckers, I am forever grateful for our Dummies as they assisted my premature bubs to learn to suck. I also love that dummy sucking is linked to a reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) however, I am sure that we can all agree that there is a time, place, and age for dummy sucking. 

The most common age, parents choose to Ditch the Dummy is by age 2.5 years. After all, the painful molars have grown and children now have the ability to be resilient and bounce back. It is also the age that most parents first visit the dentist and it is often the dentist who suggests ditching the Dummy.

So why do the experts say that Dummies shouldn’t be a long term comforter? 

Dentists discourage mouth breathing, which is common in dummy suckers. The consequence of mouth breathing is a change of the entire facial muscles including changes in the dental arches and the  position of the teeth. This can lead to structural changes to the lips, tongue, palate and mandible. The consequence of this may be overcrowding of teeth and jaw misalignment.

Doctors also feel that some toddlers sucking a dummy have three times more ear infections than a non-dummy sucker. Continuous sucking on a pacifier can cause the auditory tubes to become abnormally open, which allows secretions from the throat to seep into the middle ear and cause ear infections for your toddler. OUCH!

Speech Pathologists say that Dummy sucking, especially talking through a Dummy, can affect the sounds made by the letters S, Z, SH, CH, T, D & N.

How to remove a Dummy in a calm and kind manner?

Are you aware that child psychologists suggest that parents talk to their child about taking away their Dummy at least 10 times before you actually do it?  For this reasonit’s important to have a planned approach and never snatch a Dummy. After all, how would you feel if someone snatched your smartphone and threw it away forever? Upset huh! Today let’s discuss a kind more structured approach.

Many parents choose to remove their child’s dummy by saying that the Dummy Fairy took them. The children’s book “Daniel and the Dummy Fairy” is purpose-written to help toddlers visualise what will happen when Daisy the Dummy Fairy comes to visit and collect all of the dummies.

Children love that they can see Daisy and her Fairy friends, learn about her favourite food and even see what happens to the dummies after she collects them. This book will give you an opportunity to talk about what is about to happen with your child and better prepare them for the Dummy Fairies' visit and the departure of their Dummy forever.

Daisy the Dummy Fairy has a very special job to do. When children grow big enough to give away their dummies, she flutters into their house at night to collect them, leaving every child a surprise to find in the morning!

Daniel has just turned two and is ready to give away his dummies. Read this children’s picture book so that your child can see what happens when Daniel meets Daisy the Dummy Fairy?


One copy of  Daniel and the Dummy Fairy Book – free shipping – Size – 22cm Across x 25cm High  with Gloss Cover and Pages

Proud to have helped thousands of Australian families Ditch their Toddlers' Dummy 

Note - If you choose to give your child their Dummy back the next day, Psychologists agree that the Dummy Fairy will not be able to visit again. The concept, simply will not work again. 

You are also giving up your Dummy addiction! Giving your toddler a dummy or pacifier is no longer your go-to