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Baby Tooth Land

Baby Tooth Organiser

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The Baby Tooth Organiser is the perfect way to collect, save and cherish your child’s precious baby teeth and never worry about losing them again. Each tooth has its own compartment.

The Baby Tooth Organiser is easy to use ... once a tooth is shed, simply place the tooth in its appropriate compartment and rotate the clear protective lid shut. This lid keeps the baby teeth safely in place.

The Baby Tooth Organiser even comes with a ͞Baby Tooth Chart͟ to indicate when teeth generally erupt and when they are shed. 

    • protects precious baby teeth
    • keeps baby teeth organised
    • is easy to store anywhere

Specially designed to be lightweight and lie flat on a page so that it can be incorporated into a family scrapbook, photo album or memory book. It’s also perfect for small keepsake boxes.