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Baby and Childrens Thermometer Body Fever IR Thermometer Gun

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It is upsetting to see your baby or child unwell. In these times, it is important to know whether your child is suffering from a high temperature. 

If you're worried your child may have a fever, don’t be alarmed. An elevated temperature is common when your child is ill. Just to be sure, however, you’ll want to learn about what may be causing your child’s fever, how to reduce their temperature, and when to get medical attention.

The easiest way to measure your child's temperature is with an infrared thermometer gun which is noncontact. 

This gun will record a Temperature Range: 32-42°C

Fuelled with a battery ( which is not included) this Thermometer is very helpful for the entire family. 

If your child has a temperature also look for other symptoms as Doctors will treat based on the symptoms that are associated with the temperature. 

3 signs of fever in children

1. Their skin feels hot Does their forehead, tummy, or back feel overly warm?
2. Their cheeks are pink Do they look unusually flushed or red-faced?
3. They’re sweaty Does their skin feel sweaty for no reason, or clammy?
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