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Why more and more Australian families are buying a house and land package

As property prices boom alongside skyrocketing rental prices, it’s no surprise that as we exist two years of home-bound isolation, more and more Australian families are looking at a change, and thinking of alternatives to their living situation for the future.

One increasingly popular solution with Aussie Mums and Dads is the rise of House and Land Packages, an all-in-one property package bought from a developer that many are finding as their golden ticket away from the bustle of city life.

What’s in a house and land package?

A house and land package is essentially a blank slate development. Typically found 10-20 kilometres from the nearest major city, a developer will sell you a new plot of land, which you can then decide to build on with the help of an accredited builder. 

Many House and Land Packages operate on a broad template selection of properties, allowing you to choose and customise before finalising your build of choice.

Why are families choosing more House and Land Packages now?

The two main reasons for the recent uptick in popularity are greater affordability and a desire for safer, close-knit communities that are ideal and idyllic for raising a young family.

  1. Affordability

Located away from major city centres, House and Land Packages are a lot more affordable than buying a property in the city. Instead of stretching your budget renting in a less-than-desirable suburb to still only “potentially” buy down the line, a house and land package can be significantly easier to work into your budget. 

For example, prices can start from $350,000, which includes land and a standard 3-bedroom house. First-home-buyers can also access a range of grants and incentives from the federal and local governments, which can significantly offset the cost of purchasing a home. 

A lot of my readers tell me that the cafes and shops around their new house and land package homes are more affordable, too, as the reduced property prices further from the city pass on to the rent paid by stores and shops. This mutual affordability is another key reason House and Land Packages are becoming popular; inflation and increased prices make extra money more valuable in 2022.

What could you do with that saved money? Maybe you could go on more holidays and create lasting memories and experiences with your children that you’ll never forget. Repay your mortgage even faster? Or perhaps you can simply rest at night with peace of mind and financial security. 

  1. Community

Cities have grown increasingly more isolating for adults and children alike in recent years. While raising your kids in a big city was a commonly isolating experience, the stress now placed on adults is greater than ever. 

Loneliness and separation are high amongst Australian professionals and their families, and when sporting or after-school commitments are all over the city, it can be difficult to organise play dates for your little ones, especially if they don’t live close to you.

But what if you were able to reduce the distance of all these important engagements, allowing them to thrive closer in newly built communities that have house and land packages. Their family-first design focus generally includes nearby amenities such as schooling, sporting fields, community centres and shopping centres, all within walking distance.

Children can have fun exploring with their neighbourhood friends through quiet and peaceful suburban streets without the worry of busy highways or traffic. Remember the good old days of roaming the streets with your friends on a bicycle until dinner? It’s all possible with a house and land package, and this is the new Australian dream many families are choosing to create for themselves.

Still, it’s not an entirely different universe, as we all have reasons to venture back to the big smoke. Most new developments are well-connected via public transport or by highway to the main city centres within 30-45 minutes, which means commuting between the home and office with new hybrid work schedules is just as easy as ever. 

You can read more tips on how to buy one here.

Whether you want to work from home, find a safer and more inclusive space to raise a family, get your first step on the property ladder, or just feel like a change… House and Land Packages might be your first step toward the dream family home you never thought possible.

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