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What are the must-haves in a country home with kids

What are the must-haves in a country home?A country-style living can be the most exotic part of your lifestyle. But replicating its true spirit in your home does take some attention to detail. Your dwelling should reflect the essence of your individuality, preferences, and habits, even if it contains a country-style feel.  Every interior theme demands some elements to wear the desirable look, and a countryside home is not an exception. When you plan and decorate it, you have to keep a few things in mind to convert your vision into a reality.  Here are some design tips from the interior experts’ eyes to help you build the castle of your dreams.


A bold colour

One of the rooms in your house deserves to put on an intense colour, which can be pink. You can choose your living area for this. Use pink tea paper to increase the beauty and warmth of this space. It can also come in handy as a background for artsy furniture. If you are not fond of this wall paint, you can add the pick touches all over your house through different things, such as pillows, rug, carpet, window treatments, etc. You can make this colour the base of everything else.

Outdoor and indoor dining

A COUNTRY HOME THEME is all about enjoying the outdoors. You can achieve this by creating a particular outdoor corner for dining. Find out a perfect spot and cover it with bamboo shade to give a natural vibe. Having it in a flowery backdrop can take the whole outdoor concept to the next level. Make sure that this dine-out area is not too far from your kitchen and can accommodate the size of your FAMILY. It won’t be easy to entertain guests then. You can add a bench and a small table to make it look like a room.

At the same time, you can also create a dining room inside the house. Since true countryside living is nothing without family dinner time, you need to have a dining room table where many people can sit together, eat, and chat. The table can be mahogany finish, and you can cover it with intricately designed linen. Solid colours and patterns on linen can make an excellent choice.

Kitchen storage

Do you have lots of heavy cookware items? You can build stainless steel framed shelves on your kitchen island for them. It can have a glass enclosure for convenient storage. Plus, it can be a fantastic feature in a small kitchen. You can continue to perform your tasks without any disturbance. You can add LED lights there in the base to make your evening lighting conditions even more beautiful. It wouldn’t look too strong also. As for the sink area, you can select any of the FARM SINKS INSPIRED BY COUNTRY-STYLE décor. It is indeed a must-have element in a country kitchen both from design and utility perspectives. So, you cannot ignore it.

If you want to make your kitchen more functional, consider adding a pine desk that can be your workspace. You can keep your laptop on the desk or use the space for your gardening jobs or inspirations. Since there can be smaller shelves or compartments, too, you can utilize them for vases and bowls. It can give you the scope to add some flower arrangements in the kitchen space. It can be a unique touch also. Otherwise, all you see in a kitchen is cookware and appliances.


You cannot imagine a country home without a deep bathtub. If you want to make it suitable for two people, get something with central plumbing controls. It can accommodate two individuals easily and may not cost much too. In these types of décor, the combination of a wood floor and a freestanding tub gets the most admiration.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a large land or a small property. You can always make some room for flower gardens. Try to mix and match perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, and plants for a vibrant landscape. Having a garden can feel like bliss. You can enjoy the fresh supply of them throughout your lifetime in the house if appropriately maintained.


A captivating entrance

You can differentiate a traditional home by looking at its solid front door. But a country-style home has a different set of requirements. It needs airiness, which you can ensure by adding glass doors. It would allow abundant natural light inside the front hall and centre of the home. The entrance can be 10 feet in height to give a sense of grandeur. If you want to give your old house a country touch, you can change its solid door to welcome something open and exciting.

A functional Mudroom

It can be a great idea to include a mudroom, no matter if it is small. You can decorate it with Moroccan mosaics in brick shape to add scale to the room. It will also lend a unique personality to this space. Plus, you don’t need to spend too much time cleaning this area, which can be a huge plus for an avid gardener. Aside from this, there can be a coat rack and a solid bench. Baskets or cubbies can help you store gardening tools and other equipment.

If you look at it, there are endless possibilities that you can achieve through your country-style décor. However, it is on you to decide what you want to see and where. With simple changes also, you can recreate the charm of a country home. That’s why you need to know your taste. For example, the façade of a country house doesn’t have to be an architectural marvel. But some homeowners prefer to add sculptural details to make it extremely attractive.  Like this, you too can have some ideas or opinions, which you can easily carry out in the designs. Just make sure that it doesn’t look too overbearing for the theme.

Since redecorating or redesigning a home can be a massive responsibility, you can take professional help to fulfil your imagination. Interior designers can guide you to refine your choices for a better result.

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