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Top 5 tips on how to plan your child's first kids sleepover

If you have a child who is of an appropriate age to have a friend sleepover, this is going to be very exciting for your child. There are a few things that you can do, as a parent to make this more memorable for your child and to help things run smoothly. 

Top 5 tips on how to plan your child's first kids sleepover 


1. Know your child's friends parents

Child safety is really important so it is important to know one or both caregivers if your child is having a sleepover. It is also important not to have anyone else in the house that may concern the other child's parents.

2. Plan Dinner with your child

I like to offer three possible choices that I am happy to prepare and let my child choose when they invite a friend over. The top three choices are usually Pizza, crumbed chicken and chips or spaghetti bolognaise. 

3. Suggest activities to your child

Sometimes it's handy to ask your child what they would like to do with their friend during the sleepover. The purpose of this is to offer suggestions. We offer meet the new lambs, jump on the trampoline, make slime, craft activities or similar. Ultimately, leave it up to your child to jump from one activity to another. 

It is important that if your child is old enough to enjoy tech time that you let the other parent know this. Some families have stricter rules on games and viewing so it's good to gain some clarification. 

4. Loosen the rules a little and let your child have fun

Sleepovers are very exciting and, as a parent you may need to loosen the rules a little on this special evening. Saturday nights are a perfect sleepover evening so that there is no school the following day. This means that if your child stays up a little later, then they can have a little sleep-in the following morning. 

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