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Swaddle your baby with ease

Regardless of colour, creed or race, parents throughout history practice some form of swaddling or ‘holding secure’ a newborn baby wrapping, sometimes referred to as swaddling, is a useful strategy that parents can use to help their babies to settle and sleep on their back, especially during the early months of life, and before their baby attempts to roll. Infant wrapping has even been reported to reduce crying time particularly for young infants whose parents reported excessive crying; shorten periods of distress, and improve baby sleep by lessening the frequency of spontaneous arousalsHere are two safe and easy ways:


1 ) Use any traditional or modern soft, breathable fabric wrap, together with the chemical-free, natural, 100% cotton Safe T Sleep safety wrap placed over the top. This helps keep any swaddle from coming undone, which sadly does happen.

This safe baby sleep combo is still very popular and is a tried and true method to comfort, settle and ‘Keep Baby’s Face and Head Clear’ as recommended by National and International safe sleep guidelines.

2) Use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap over the top of any type of soft, natural fibre sleepwear (with inbuilt mittens in winter) baby sleeping bag. 

Babies sleeping on side is a very common occurrence. Babies often roll onto their side during sleep. If you choose to side sleep baby do it safely, ensure baby’s arm and shoulder are gently placed forward on the side they are sleeping on. This, plus a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap over whatever baby wears to bed, helps ensure that a newborn baby, until out of the high Cot Death/SIDS risk period, does not turn face down during sleep. Many parents prefer to keep baby off the tummy for 7-12months.

See how the SAFE T SLEEP works below. 

One things I am sure that we can all agree upon is that our babies safety is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. I can not imagine the heartache over losing a child to cot death . Keep you child safe and on their back. 

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