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How to write a Kids Brand Rep Contract

Product images not only testify to the quality of your product but they also serve as windows into your eCommerce store. They create transparency and trust, for this reason, it is believed that 93% of customers buying decision is made based on photography alone.

After all, PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY must take into consideration the mindset of a customer shopping online. For this reason, it is important to online retailers that product photography for eCommerce needs to supplement the 5 senses that a shopper would normally rely on to make an in-person purchase decision. The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression.

If you have a budding child model and a good eye for the perfect photo opportunity? You might like to consider working with Kids Brands to gain free products or payment. You can negotiate that this is in exchange for taking lifestyle or Flatlay photos and posting them on your Instagram account. Brand Reps are expected to have many Instagram followers and to also promote their photos through hashtags. Naturally, this kind of Brand advocacy helps attract more followers on the Brands own profile, and they then convert those people to customers. 

For Brands choosing the perfect BRANDS REP is incredibly important as everything in an image—quality, subject matter, colour theme and saturation—should speak in a uniform voice that resonates with the Brands target audience.

In order to make sure that there is a clear understanding between the Brand/ Brand Rep, we encourage you to enter into a legally binding contract with the Brand/ Brand Rep.  

Although many Reps live up to their word and are grateful for the opportunity, there are some brands Reps and Brands who do not follow through on their promises stating misunderstandings. For this reason, it is imperative that you have an agreed upon contract.

Things you might wish to consider in your Brand Rep Contract may include :  

  • What products will be displayed and if they are FREE or if the Rep purchases them at a discount?
  • Who is to be tagged on the Instagram listing. 
  • Define the number of Instagram post the Brand expects to showcase their product 
  • Approve written content that the Brand wishes written in the Post.  
  • How the Brand wishes their product displayed.
  • The number of photographs required.
  • Photo Quality expectations and Photo locations.  
  • An agreement pertaining to the rights of the photo ie: can the Brand now use this photo in their advertising own advertising. 
  • The size and format of the images (landscape, portrait or square)
  • The delivery of the images (dropbox is a common top used for this).
  • Due Dates and what to do in the instance that the Brand Representative cannot fulfil their duties on time due to their ill health or the health of their Parent/Guardian. 

The thing that I love about working with Brands Reps and Brands is the wonderfully mutually beneficial relationships that you form. So get snap-happy ….. once your contract is signed. 



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