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How to set a Family Goal to create happiness

I would love to help you create a happier and more bonded family this year. Follow these goal setting tips to create an actual family plan which can be ticked as completed. 

1. First, set a goal for what you want for your family this year. It will need to be specific so that you are able to acknowledge it as completed.

Setting a broad goal such as "I want our family to be happier this year" isn’t actually a goal. It’s too broad and very non-specific, and it is difficult to judge if you have succeeded?

"Our family is happiest when we spend regular time together so this year we will make time for a family activity every Sunday morning", is manageable and can be tracked. It is specific, and you know when you  accomplish it.

2. Second, create a plan, a system, a habit - something that will support you as you chase that goal.

"We’ll set aside time every week from 8:30-10:30. We’ll plan the following weeks activity every Sunday night after dinner. Plan activities that get the kids and parents off tech and spending time chatting and laughing together. We’ll write it on the family calendar, make bookings (if required), and make sure nothing gets in the way."

Setting a goal and creating a plan is one way you can be sure to make your family happier.

So… what’s your goal for your families happiness? 
It may be a movie night once a week, breakfast out, a visit to the botanical gardens or a bush walk, electric scooter or bike ride morning. Whatever it is, do it together. 
Happy planning your happy family. 
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