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How to Bath your New Baby

Safe and Simple Bath Time

As a first time parent looking at your tiny baby, it's common to feel a little nervous. These top 5 tips will help you to feel more at ease at bath time. 

1. When should you  bathe your baby

You can bath your baby at any time of the day. It’s a good idea to pick a time when you’re relaxed and you won’t be interrupted. And it’s best to avoid bathing your baby when bub is hungry or straight after a feed.

If your baby likes a bath and it seems to relax them, you may choose to wait until your partner is home so that you can have a little break and your partner can use bathing as a bonding moment and a way to help settle bub for sleep in the evening.

Bath times will soon become one of the most enjoyable times with a newborn or toddler. However, it is a place where safety must be of utmost importance.

2. Make sure to have everything you need close at hand.

It is important to prepare the bath area with the essentials before you undress your baby.

I like the Aromababy range as it has been used in select hospitals since 1995.

This eco-friendly pack includes –

Pure Hair Cleans
Pure Baby Wash 
Natural Powder 
Barrier Balm 

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3. Prepare the bath

 Only fill the bathtub with 2-4 inches of water, or no more than waist-high when sitting.

Do not put the baby in the water while the water is still running. Check the water temperature with a bath thermometer or dip your elbow in. It should be comfortably warm without being able to scold. 

To keep baby warm during the bath, cup your hand to let handfuls of water wash over baby's chest or use another bamboo washer or a bamboo burp cloth over bubs chest to keep baby comfy. 

4. Start washing

Using a bamboo washcloth, wash bubs face and hair, being mindful to wipe downwards over the eye area. 

Bamboo fabric is exceptionally soft and light, almost silky in feel, naturally anti-bacterial, and very sustainable to grow.

It also does not go stiff when dry like a well used standard face washer. 

 4. Be careful not to drop your wet and slippery little baby

Once bath time is finished, quickly wrap the baby in the Cuddlebee Smart Towel so they do not lose too much body heat.

The Cuddlebee Smart Towel ensures that you have both your hands-free to hold your baby.

1.Place the smart towel over your head so that the towel is hanging from your neck.

2.Pick baby up and cuddle tight in this extra large towel which takes the hassle out of fumbling around for a towel while you are trying to safely hold your baby.

3.Pat dry and walk towards your prepared change table.

NOTE : This towel attachment to the Adults neck eliminates the need to have 2 people around for bath time (one to bath the baby, and the other ready and waiting with a towel in hand). 

5. Most importantly, never leave your baby or toddler unattended in the bath.



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