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Call Santa on a Public Phone from 6 December for FREE

My son and daughter have pointed at and asked me what a Payphone is. They still lurk on street corners, and are now a way for your children to call both you and Santa this Christmas. 

Call Santa for free!

Telstra have  made it super easy for anyone to get in touch with the big man in red for FREE this year:

  1. Head to any Telstra payphone until December 24
  2. Dial #HO HO HO (#46 46 46) for FREE
  3. And talk with Santa Clause.

As an added extra, by checking in with Santa through one of Telstra’s payphones you can help teach kids how to locate and use one if they need to in the future. If they are ever lost, it's important they have a way to find you so be sure to teach them your phone number. 

There are over 15,000 payphones across the country, which are free for all calls to standard numbers in Australia – so if it’s a great resource for kids, especially during emergencies.

Talk about Christmas spirit

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, for calls made to Santa, Telstra will also donate $1* to the Salvation Army to help Australians stay connected and sheltered this Christmas. 

How to find a Telstra payphone


Be the favourite in the family this Christmas by enjoying a Christmas movie together -


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