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Backpacks for kids who love cars, trucks and sirens

If you have a toddler, you know they can get a little obsessed anything with wheels. Kids seem to go through a phase of loving planes, trains, and all the other automobiles?

Child development experts explain why toddler seems to love cars and trucks so much, what it means, and how to make their obsession a little healthier.

Stephanie Chapman, Ph.D., pediatric psychologist at The Center for Children and Women suggests that cars are all around toddlers, and they understand that they go and move, and see them often. Gender may play a part, too. “Evolutionary psychologists have found that kids with testosterone actually have this fascination more often, so that may explain why our little boys love them even more.

Along with cars, there seems to be a love of sirens by many children. Whether you are playing a guessing game, trying to decide if it is a fire truck, police car or Ambulance headed your way, many kids love cars with sirens.

When choosing clothing, toys and even backpacks for kindy, you can choose a car with a siren. Just like the movies and as seen on Television the good old fashioned Yellow School Bus is also a hit with kids. 

Get the kids ready for kindy with a cool vehicle backpack and have a fabulous year. 




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