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Ask your child these 4 questions at School pickup

Ask your CHILD these 4 questions daily when putting them to bed each night to be sure that you know how you child feels and interacts with other children while at childcare or school.

Each child has their very own little personality. Some  are an open book and will spill every single detail about their day, the second they are in the car. Others are a closed book that needs to be carefully pried open in order to find out if your child gets along well with others.

Closed ended questions such as did you have a good day , will often receive a one word answer, either yes or no. I prefer to ask my children open ended questions that a single word could never answer.

My top four questions to ask kids are

1. Who did you play with at lunchtime?

This may inform you if your child does or does not have friends. If they are playing with the same friends daily or if they chane friends often. It is more common for boys to blend into larger friendship groups while girls will form smaller circles of friends and are more likely to have a best friend.

2. What did you play at linch time?

This will give you a chance to work out if your child played at all or plays the same games often. If they love the swing set and you do not have one at home , this may prompt the Christmas present next year.

3. What made you happy today and also what made you sad today?

This is a very important question. My son answered the sad question the other day by telling me that his friend dragged him into a situation which got four of the boys , including my son, banned from handball for 3 days. While my daughter answered that a little girl at school told everyone in the class a secret which my daughter had told her about a little crush she has. I took this opportunity to chat about secrets and who to trust.

4. If there anything you would like to talk about?

This might yield an answer of no, nothing Mum or something more serious. My daughter told my that she is starting to worry about the shape of her legs , while my son told me he doesn’t like sitting next to a certain kid at school because he is too distracting.

No matter what answers you recieve, it is important to make time in your car ride home or your bedtime routine to give the children an opportunity to share valuable information about their day.

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